About Us

Located in the heart of NYC’s Midtown, Medusa’s Heirlooms is a leader in fashion for hair garments and accessories.
Founded in 1972 by Kathryn Hausman, Medusa’s Heirlooms is a NYC based wholesaler that specializes in Hair Accessories and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry. Thousands of whimsical pieces consume the entire Medusa Collection. Our Showroom is a treasure chest full of beautiful ornaments for all strands of hair. The brand is exclusive and made with the highest quality products.
“We have an accessory for every type of woman with any type of hair”
That was quoted from Ms. Medusa herself. Our vast amount of categories start from our French Plastic Collection, Swarovski Jewelry Collection, Whimsical Headbands and lastly our Gems and Jewels.
We are most known for our French Collection where are products are molded from sheets of handmade plastics. Being world renowned for their strong durable plastic, our Collection is not only durable but very fashionable.
Medusa is carried at leading specialty stores, boutiques, spas and salons globally. Please make sure you check out what stores carry our products near you. Just go to our SHOPS NEAR YOU tab in the top right corner of the homepage.
Medusa has a major historical fashion representation. If you visit the showroom- there are seven scrapbooks of over 2,000 editorial coverage’s from the 70’s to present day. Our product has been featured in WWD, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Seventeen Magazine and that’s just the national publications.